Check List for Picking Hot Water Heat Pump



Did you know water heating appliances accounts to 25% of every household electricity bills? They consume large amount of energy in order to fulfill the hot water needs of people living across the world. Therefore, it is one of the most significant devices at any home and nobody would ever wish to compromise with its quality when efficiency and performance is the prime factor of consideration.

So, when investing money on heat pump hot water, make sure to consider following points beforehand. This will ensure worthy investments and effective outputs at the same time.

Rheem Heat Pump Hot Water System

Rheem Heat Pump Hot Water System

• Quality and Brand: Research thoroughly and spend as much time as you can to find the promising brand for the hot water systems. Renowned products are always made up of top-notch material assuring longer life span. Although, it upfront cost might be bit painful; you can save a fortune in the long run. Few of the finest brands include Dux heat pump, Rheem heat pump and many more.

• Compatibility with climate and environment: It is normally found that as the temperature of region goes down, the performance of heat pumps declines steadily. Therefore, before, finalizing your choice, make sure that it has the capability to work in colder regions rather; it should work efficiently under minus 10°C.

• Size: according to the volume of water you consume each day, make an estimate and accordingly choose the size of the water tank. Along with this, you should not forget to consider the size of the pump in accordance with space available in your surroundings. If you have ample, you can pick a large one.

• Installation: It is the prime phase after picking the hot water appliance. So, make certain that it is installed with perfection and proper care. Hire professionals for good quality work. They have decades of experience, so you can trust them for the work.

There are a lot of other considerations too when picking quality heat pump hot water. Hiring experts can help you make more informed decisions.


5 Tips to Consider While Buying Hot Water Systems


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Are you looking to replace your hot water system? Yes, you can save a bundle of cash on your hot water bills making them an extremely economically option. When considering a hot water model for your home, always estimate its energy efficiency and annual operating cost. It is a different way to use renewable energy to heat water.

Moreover, these hot water heat pumps transfer heat energy, rather than converting electricity into heat. Hence, very little energy is wasted in the process. They work by collecting “free energy” from the atmosphere, using pressure to increase the temperature of trapped vapor and using this high temperature gas to increase the temperature of cold liquid.

Dux Airoheat Pump Hot Water System

Dux Airoheat Pump Hot Water System

Dux heat pumps are the ones that will provide continuous hot water for all your needs and will save you from huge electricity bills. However, each type of hot water system has different strengths and each home is different so you have to match the right type of solution to meet your needs. Before buying, just determine these factors:

• Easy installation

If you are replacing an electric hot water system, the connections are the same. You don’t have to make an extra space because there’s nothing going on the roof.

• High energy efficiency

This heat pump produces 3-5 times the amount of renewable energy than electricity to power the unit.

• Saves Money

It has lower running costs than boilers (75%) and solar energy heaters (25%). It has low operating costs as compared to other water heating systems.

• Reliable and Durable

They can even be used in below freezing temperatures, making them one of the most versatile and reliable water heating systems.

• Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

If compared with a standard electric water system, produce less greenhouse emissions. They are more environmental friendly.

Thus, your decision to purchase smart heat pump hot water systems by considering these factors can reward you for many to come. Dux airoheat is one of those reliable hot water system that can be installed easily and will provide you a hassle free service even in low temperatures.

Efficient Energy Consumptions by Heat Pump Water Heater Systems



It is a commonly known fact that products that you use to heat up water or living rooms consume large amount of electricity. They end up with heavy electricity bills because of consuming energy to produce different temperature conditions. Moreover, with rising inflation everybody will wish to have some efficient appliances at their homes or workplaces, so that they can cut down heavy electricity bills.

From many such products, one that is mostly in use for sustainable water heating is the heat pump water heater systems. It functions in an environmentally friendly manner and requires a little touch of electricity. It uses the heat from the environment and then compresses and transfer all over in the water container for heating.

Finest Heat Pump Water Heater Systems

We call it efficient because instead of using large electricity to produce heat it only uses a bit of it for transferring it through the water. Though the heating process is slow but you need to be clear with the fact that the consumption of electricity does not vary, it is constant and you can only realize this when you get your next monthly bill in your hand.

Along with its sustainable and proficient heating, it is also easy to install and maintain. Very less amount of effort is required to step up the tank and the heating appliance because of its slim design. This is why, Dux heating pump, is in high demand because of its several benefits.

Try to find the best service provider and start reducing your energy consumption from today!

What Are The Regions Most Suitable For Installing Heat Pump Hot Water?



Heat pumps are intended to be the common source of producing hot water at homes in today’s era. Besides being eco friendly heat pump hot water systems also help in saving you money. It absorbs air from the environment or ground and then transfers it through water in the tanks subsequently, helping in reducing electricity bills when the cost is actually high.

Purchase Finest Heat Pump Hot Water SystemsThey are especially important for people living in colder regions as they will not face hard times in getting hot water regularly.  It is mainly recommended to install in places where climate is cool and there is good source of ventilation. Since, its entire functioning depends upon the air from the environment; you might find difficulty when installed in tight and small places such as inside a confined room without proper ventilation.

Getting the best quality of heat pump is not of much difficulty. Beforehand, you need to consider few important things such as your budget limit, safety issues and location. Once you figure out the considerations, you can go for the trustworthy web store to buy the comfortable and energy efficient heat pump hot water system for your living.

Also for better results make sure that the heating system you buy is compatible with the temperature and climatic conditions of your area. Along with it, consider one with high energy factor.

Learning the Benefits of Heat Pumps Brisbane



Have you ever realized that water heating in an average home accounts for 25% of the total energy consumption? Or, did you know that 23% of the total greenhouse gases are emitted from household users? Shocked!

It is indeed shocking to know that our day-to-day activities can cause damage to the atmosphere. This is where the need for finding alternative sources of energy arises. Dux heat pump is one such solution for air conditioning and water heating needs. It basically, works on the principal of a refrigerator, by absorbing heat from air and transferring it to hot water tank.

Dux Heat Pump An Economic InvestmentThe main reasons for their increased popularity include:

Proper air conditioning: A good quality heat pump maintains clean air flow by moving stale air out, filtering it and then, blowing in fresh air.

Lesser maintenance: In comparison with geysers and central heating systems, an economical heat pump uses less power and helps to keep utility costs to minimum.

Ventilation: Since windows at homes and offices are kept close during nights or in case of humid climate, so heat pumps Brisbane can prove to be a smart choice for maintaining proper ventilation and air flow.

Eco-friendliness: As lesser carbon content will be reduced into air, therefore, it is an environment friendly option to keep levels of greenhouse gases under control.

No doubt, heat pumps are a smart investment to reduce electricity bills as well as to save planet. Go green!

Dux Heat Pump: An Energy-Efficient Water Heating Solution



Tired of heating water using those traditional methods? Do you need an efficient and modern solution to fulfill your hot water needs? Have you heard about Dux heat pump? Well, it’s the pump that can easily meet your warm water needs during chilling winters much quickly and effectively.

Dux Airo heat pump works by absorbing warmth from outside air and transferring it to the water tank so as to warm up the water. This transfer of heat takes place inside the system. As a result, there is no heat loss issue which contributes significantly in increasing its efficiency.

Dux Water Heating System

With its ability to consume lesser energy and minimal emission of greenhouse gases, the heat pump leaves negligible impact on atmosphere thus helping in maintaining clean surroundings. The best part is that the system does not make any noticeable sounds while working therefore giving you continuous supply of hot water quietly.

To get started, you can take the assistance of a plumbing firm that can install the pump at desired place. The heat pump is an easy and compact piece that is simple to install and use. With its environment-friendly nature and better efficiency, it’s an investment which is truly worth. So don’t wait, get it installed at your place to beat the effect of winters!

Dux Airoheat: A Complete Hot Water Solution



With the arrival of winters it becomes quite essential to have the continuous supply of hot water which can relieve you from the chill offered by the cold showers. Water heaters are an indespensable items for those living in colder regions. So installation of dux airoheat sounds like a blessing for such cold areas. Offering flawless supply of hot water these heating solutions are the well engineered pieces which are highly efficient and reliable.

Finest Heat Pumps Brisbane

Based on the principle on which refrigerator works these are available in number of forms which includes storage tank, tankless, integrated space/water heating systems, solar water heaters and heat pump water heaters. All these appliances offer a long list of benefits to its customers.

Being a smart appliance it operates by moving heat from one location to another using a small amount of energy. These electrical devices pull heat out of the air or ground and transfer it to tank containing water thus raising the temperature of the liquid inside. Although heat pumps and air conditioners work in a similar manner but these pumps are used for heating water in tanks.

These modern style heat pumps consist of the following features which are responsible for their immense popularity:

• Pre-installed heat traps for continuous supply of hot water thus preventing the water wastage.

• Better heat exchanger integration in order to have instant hot water supply at your service.

• Highly insulated to prevent heat loss.

• Saves energy because of electronic ignition system.

So just get these masterpieces installed at your places now to enjoy the continuous supply of hot water. Surf your internet today to hire the right service provider.

Water heat pump the best you can discover


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Is stiebel eltron heat pump is a best choice for your home? The simple answer of this question is that it is the best you can own as it is significantly cheaper than oil furnace or gas. The best heat pump works by extracting the heat from ground or outside and transmits it to water in the tank.

The beauty of water heat pump   technology is that the sum of electrical energy needed to create hot water is reduced to a conventional electric tank water heater and it works on the same principle as your refrigerator does. Thereby heat pump pumps heat into the water instead of pumping heat out of a fridge to keep it cool.

There are mainly two types of heat pumps such as: Split systems where the heat pump and tank are separated from each other & integrated systems where the hot water tank and heat pump are in a single integrated system.

If heat pumps are operated in colder climates then it may require an electric booster which automatically turns on once the water temperature falls under a certain point.

Nowadays you will find a lot of issues to deal with but here we are sharing a few of them:

The disturbance of noise: Proper installation should be made to overcome this problem as it sounds very similar to an air conditioner and refrigerator. But if it is located at a proper place then it is unlikely to create obstacles for you.

Climatic conditions: They are not suitable in dry or very cold conditions as it will cost more to you and if it needs to have a booster then it won’t be as energy efficient as expected it to be.

If you really want to acquire more information then you can search on internet as there is a wide variety of web sites that can assist you with an energy efficient water heating solutions for drainage, plumbing and gas fitting installations.

Henceforth keeping above mentioned things in your mind you can choose the best heat pump which possesses 2.5 energy factors, 80 gallon storage capacity and reduces your cost by upto 80 %. So make your purchasing decision now and select the professional and reliable online service provider to get the best deal at affordable rates.

Range of popular Dux heat pump


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Purchasing electronic appliances for home, we often prefer a popular brand which assures full guarantee plus warrantee for its long lasting usage. When installation of heat pump needed, one name strikes mind first is Dux that since 1915, serving people worldwide. Range of Dux heat pump is coming in market with diverse dimensions & designs to increase the grace of place where set up.

Users who have by now experienced it become fans of reliability, efficiency and longevity of hot water systems.  Every year new innovations made to give new looks and technology to make it use easily.

Due to the high quality products, Dux is most preferring brand in Australia and other nearby areas. Compactness of these electronic appliances makes installation as effortless as clicking buttons.

By consuming less electric energy, it contributes more output in exchange which no doubt proves user friendly & cost effective device for customers. Cutting down electric bills it offers immense satisfaction and relaxation for getting good investments returns for years to come.

If you still planning to install energy-efficient water heating solution, get associated with largest supplier Heat pumps Brisbane which with best shipping services are concerned and for any query complete customer support awarded.

Our web portal is there for any information or calls us our consultants are here to serve you anytime…

Energy-efficient water heating solution


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If you are looking for energy-efficient water heating solution then quantum heat pump would be the right option to choose. Quantum is Australia’s leading manufacturers of sophisticated renewable solar energy hot water, pool, building heating products etc and stick to a reputed image in offering innovation solutions.

There are two different types of heat pump available in the market:

  • Integrated systems. In this type heat pump and hot water tank are in a single integrated arrangement.
  • Split systems. Here tank & heat pump placed apart from each other.

The working process starts by absorbing heat from the outside air with transferring it to water in the tank. Then the water pump prompts water to upside and it transfer heat to the place where needed.

We all have refrigerators at home but never think how it works? Water Heat pumps also work similar to the heat pump with like principles. Yet, instead of pumping heat out of a fridge to maintain coolness, the heat pump transfer heat into water. Electric energy is the main source to pump a refrigerant around to picks up heat starting the air with channelizes it to the water.

Are you curious to find same at your home? With over 30 years of on-going product development the Quantum heat pump are significantly reducing energy costs which are easy to fit in budget in today’s inflation scenario.